Dishonesty helped change my life - from an ex offender

Hi. Here's my story and maybe I am writing this because I feel guilty.
I am an ex offender and I have been to prison 4 times. I am about 16 months clean off drugs and I have been employed for 6 months. 
The last prison sentence needed to be my last so I was determined to grow up. I found it hard to get a job and I was getting stressed on the brink of relapsing. I was sick of getting rejected so I lied on my job application and did not put down that I had been in prison. I got a job in a factory and whilst the money is not good, I feel good that I have got a job and I have never had a day off sick or have been late. I work overtime and I always work hard.
I know I am treading on thin ice because they could sack me if they find out I have been dishonest but I was desperate for a job and it would devastate me if I lost it. My convictions are for theft and I did the crimes to pay for my drug addiction. I applied for hundreds of jobs and no one gave me a chance but as soon as I stopped being honest I got a job. I am no way saying this is the right thing to do, I am just pointing out how hard it is to be given a chance.
I am taking a big risk but I feel proud working and having a normal life. It is what I have always craved but never had the chance until now. I understand if you don't print my email because I got a job through being dishonest but I need people to know what ex offenders and ex drug users are up against. Anonymous ex offender.