Families reducing reoffending DOES WORK!

In response to the ex offender who lied on his application form in order to turn his/her life around, please take it from me, don't feel guilty. My probation officer once said to me that honesty is the best policy but he didn't present me with an A to Z list of employers who take on ex cons, simply because he didn't have such resources. Let's cut the nonsense, the politicians I have voted for in the past have been dishonest and full of proverbial so I have no problem looking out for me and my family. I am an ex con and have been working in a factory for 4 years on a production line. This country is all about dog eat dog and I would rather tell a little porky pie than be banged up on a wing again with people smashed out of their faces on drugs. Another thing too is that my partner should have got the wages and hourly rate my probation officer earned on my referral because he did nothing whatsoever to support me. My partner did all that and yes partners and families can reduce reoffending but only if the ex offender wants it. You have gotta want it to succeed so for me any so called professional can advise what they want but take it from the horses mouth, you have gotta want to resettle and move on in a law abiding circle. 
No offence, but if I listened to my probation officer, I wouldn't be employed right now and I would probably be banged up again. So my gratitude lies and always will lie with my partner who has been my rock.
I do not feel in the slightest bit sorry for telling a fib because my fib has changed my life. I am sure some of those sitting in Parliament right now on mega wages will agree with me. From Scott ex con.