His life took over mine - from a partner of a prisoner

Dear Prison Widow. Hi to everyone. 
I read your blog all the time and would like to share a bit of my story and views. 
Twice now my partner has been to prison, he is now back inside for breaching his licence.
I am on the fence with the ''families reducing reoffending'' thing. I think it can be done but I found it incredibly stressful when my partner was released from prison. His resettlement became my sole focus and I was on his case constantly about going to his probation appointments and finding a job. He took over my life and probably because I was on his case all the time this is why he is back in prison serving the rest of his sentence. I know I shouldn't blame myself but I have been thinking how I could have supported him differently. There really isn't enough support! Thanks for listening from a partner of a serving prisoner.