HMP Altcourse - By Prison Widow UK

I would like to personally thank everyone at HMP Altcourse yesterday for welcoming me and my colleague Jen in to the prison to demonstrate some book art that would benefit both prisoners and their families. The PCO's were brilliant and they gave us some insight in to the fantastic work they do with those in custody. We don't often hear about the good stuff do we? And meeting prison officers and education professionals who actually care and want to support prisoners is a blessing. For some it's not just about the wages and yesterday I met some individuals who are genuinely very supportive people. 
My colleague and I spent nearly two hours in the prison and the visit was a success. We demonstrated safe and theraputic activites that prisoners can make in their cells or in education/activity sessions. 
There's more to come too as distraction packs and meaninful activities are currently being designed by myself and my colleagues. 


The above are just some of the examples we took along.
Thanks again to everyone at HMP Altcourse!