Introduce tough discipline - from H

Dear Prison Widow UK. My son is serving a prison sentence in HMP and has smoked the deadly drug Spice.
He told my wife and I this week during a prison visit.
We asked him why in God's name would he smoke something that is dangerous and life threatening. His reply to us was that there was nothing else to do and it was fun having a laugh with the lads.
My wife and I were devastated when we watched the prison documentary on Monday evening. My question to the Prison Service and the Government would be; how can you rehabilitate a prisoner when prisoners are using substances that change the chemicals in the brain? How does smoking drugs in prison prepare an offender for a law abiding life in the outside world when prisoners are not taught an ounce of discipline? The justice system took our son off our hands and similar to what other families have commented on your blog, the courts in the case of our son told him that they hoped he would receive rehabilitation in prison to address his issues.
He isn't addressing his issues in prison because the issues he went in there with are still issues because he is continuing to use substances in HMP. Drugs inside prisons MUST be wiped out! Hand the prisons over to the army for a while and see whether any of the armed forces lads would stand for threats because personally I think the prisons need to introduce some tough discipline.
My wife and I are utterly appalled at a failing system that is putting prisoners and staff working in them at risk. Our son should NOT be smoking illegal substances in prison and if he dies in there because he has, mark my words, I will never let the issue lie.
Our son was sentenced to prison because he broke the law and we fully accept that. How in God's name do the victims of crime feel when they watch on TV, prisoners getting intoxicated on drugs and throwing parties in cells? Our soon will be released from prison no different. He may be worse!