It's my time to walk away - from Anonymous

Hello. I thought I'd share my thoughts on Spice. My partner has been taking this substance and after some painful choices I am leaving him. He has been to prison but I am unsure if he was using it when he was inside. That I don't know but he has been using it for the past 5 months since he has been home. His personality has changed and I feel like I don't know him anymore. 
How can I support someone when they carry on taking substances? I feel tired and exhausted and there is always some kind of drama going on. I work hard in my job and I cannot support a drug user anymore. It is draining me. 
I feel cheated because I stood by him when he served time in prison and he ended up there because he did something stupid whilst taking perscription drugs, valium, which he bought off the street. He didn't even remember what he'd done until the Police showed him the CCTV. I agree with so many others on your blog that drugs are getting out of hand. They are destroying families who don't even use substances too and it seems that the Government are doing nothing about it at all. It's my time to walk away.