Keep prisoners minds active! - From Mum of a prisoner

My son is in prison and he has taken drugs in there because he has been honest and open to me about it. 
I asked him if he was being forced or bullied in to taking them and he said no. I asked him why he was doing this and he said he was bored out of his head in prison and that there is nothing to do. He said its depressing and a lot of the lads take drugs to escape the boredom. I don't know if this is right or wrong because I have never been in prison but he says the boredom is a killer and therefore the drugs make him feel happy and high. Before anyone asks, no I am not condoning this and I am petrified he will do something stupid and over the top but this is something as a parent I cannot fix. I can't stop him and from all accounts neither can the prison officers because according to him he has never been caught using drugs. Likewise and in agreement with other parents on your blog, I do not blame the prison officers. However the Prison Service needs a good shake up and prisoners minds need to be kept active.