My Dad has dementia and is in prison - From Anon

Dear Prison Widow UK.
My Dad is in prison, he is 62 and has been diagnosed with dementia. I have read up a lot about the illness and I am worried to death he will not get the support in prison. At the moment he is still on the wing in population because his dementia isn't too bad. But the signs are there and he is forgetful. He is also having sleep disturbances which I understand is one of the many symptoms too. 
Will my Dad get the support in prison and furthermore will I be offered some support if and when the visits in prison start to prove difficult? I cannot seem to find out any information how to move forward with this. It is stressing me out because what happens one day if I go to visit him and he doesn't know who I am because I know this happens when people have dementia. Are the prison officers trained in dementia awareness and more further to the point is there enough staff to support my Dad because I have read that prisons are short staffed and this is another major worry. My Dad had a drink and drugs problem and the doctors have said that the abuse over the years has caused his dementia or at least is a contributing factor. I didn't know that drink and drugs could bring on this illness so I am reading and researching as much as I can. 

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