My daughter is bullied because her dad is a drug addict

Please sign my name, Anonymous. Thanks.
My daughter is 11 and her school has just had a drugs awareness talk. During the talk, a boy from our street shouted at my daughter, "Ha ha your Dad is a smackhead"!
My daughter ran out of school and was found crying in a bus stop.
The head teacher rang me to inform me what had happened.
My daughters dad and I separated 3 years ago when he went to prison. He was convicted of armed robbery and committed this crime to buy drugs. I had been with him for 17 years and he'd had a drug problem on and off throughout. He wasn't a bad person and never ever used drugs in front of me or his daughter, but I became co dependant and after seeking support from a local drugs group for families, I stopped giving him money and the end result was a prison sentence for armed robbery. Of course the story was in the local newspaper and the hang him and flog him tyrants brigade came out in their cyber suits which made my daughter a target for bullies. The comments people left online about me and my daughter were sick and the newspaper never took those comments down. I did email the editor but it was ignored. The comments made me very ill and I wouldn't go out for weeks.
More should be done for children of prisoners/drug addicts. Sorry I am too upset to write anymore so I will finish here. Apologies if this is only half of the story.

Prison Widow Comment: It is in the public's interest to report on crime. However, what I don't agree with is innocent families being targeted by the newspaper forum mafia who might I add are indeed the perfect upstanding citizens who relish making people's life's a misery. They come across as educated individuals but don't let them fool you. They aren't educated at all because targeting innocent people and children is ignorance. I have been there myself and I forced the editor to take down the comments aimed at me and my children. He had a choice, either do it or he feels the wrath of my pen. My ex partner was in the wrong, very much so and a prison sentence is what he deserved. However, my children and I hadn't committed any crime so I made it my business to get my point across. I refused to be judged for something I didn't do and I was damned if the forum members took a pop at my children too. I am so sorry for what you and your daughter are going through and I only wish you had contacted me when you had trouble with your local newspaper.
I will send you some links of support groups for families of prisoners in your area.