My drug addict son will not forgive me - from a Mother

Picture: Daily Mirror 
Dear Prison Widow UK. Please do publish my email and refrain from printing my surname and email address, thank you.
My son is in prison. I don't care to discuss why, but as far as I am concerned, he needs to be locked up. This is probably something you might not hear often from a parent, but something needed to give and the result was a custodial sentence. 
I can tell you though that my son is addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and sleeping pills. Please, before the righteous brigade start saying this is down to bad parenting; it is not. 
Since my son has been in prison, he has started using the synthetic cannabis, Spice. He is forever in trouble and is not using his time in prison wisely; something I thought he would do and something deep down I prayed for. I was a little naive about drugs but I have educated myself by reading up on articles and websites that offer advice and information. Months before my son was arrested, he made my life one that put me in hospital. I thought it was a heart attack but thankfully it wasn't. I was diagnosed with anxiety and perscribed beta blockers. My son stole from me, brought trouble to my door on a regular basis and my windows were put through because he owed money to a drug dealer. He came home one night with a so called friend and they had a bag full of cigarettes and other items that were clearly robbed from a store. I turned my son in because I had reached breaking point. I had broken down and that same night I was admitted to hospital and stayed there for 3 weeks. My son is fully aware that it was I who turned him in to the Police and once he had done his withdrawel in prison, he wrote me a letter saying he understood why I did it and apologised. But since he has started getting himself in to trouble whilst in prison, using drugs etc, he has now retracted his apologies and I am the worst Mother on the planet for turning her own son in. He left me with no choice but the drugs must have convinced him otherwise.
Families trying to help their loved ones with an addiction is torture. It is devastating and can have a damaging effect on one's health and mental well-being. I would not wish this on anyone and it is high time that Government did something about the dirty drugs culture that is ruining life's and killing people. I wish everyone well and send other families in this situation all my love.