My son died of a spice convulsion

My son has been in prison and smoked spice whilst he was in there.
Last year I found him convulsing on his bed and he died shortly afterwards in hospital.
He had used drugs before he went to prison and the family tried everything to help him but nothing worked. He was 24 when he died.
It was very distressing for me watching the Panorama programme and I was disgusted at the lack of respect the prisoners shown on there had.
It was like watching an out of control den of iniquity youth club and my heart went out to the prison officers who were at their wits end.
It left me speechless and seeing people disorientated on spice made me cry uncontrollably because it brought back dreadful memories. I cannot envisage our prisons reforming unless they start all over again from a blank canvas. Drugs are a massive part of society and that includes the society indoors.
I don't blame prison on my son's fate. Prison had nothing to do with my son becoming an addict because he was already one before he went inside. I did however expect some form of rehabilitation based on the Judges words in the courtroom, but it wasn't to be.
My son was convicted of 6 house burglaries and I remember clearly a small group of victims smiling and applauding when he was sentenced. My son stole items of sentimental value hence why they were pleased he was going to prison. I am embarrassed to say that their cheers and custodial well wishes made no impact on my son and he got high off spice laughing and joking with fellow inmates who got equally high and showed not a hint of remorse. I know this because he told me and I used to cry myself to sleep of a night because I knew deep down he would come home exactly the same person he was before he was sent down. Prison didn't work and prison was not effective. It was a pointless stay but justice, of a fashion, for his victims. Again I must stress that he was a drug addict and whilst there are drugs available in prison, rehabilitation is null and void.
My advice to those who smoke spice is stop. You are in great danger of premature death and this substance is a killer. It killed my son and don't you think for one minute it won't happen to you because it will. Kindest regards, Ivy.