No win situation - from ex offender

Hello Prison Widow UK! I am an ex offender and the problem with prison is sheer boredom! Staff shortages are an issue but I believe this is being looked at and being sorted? We shall see! Let's get straight to the point. Apart from reading and watching TV and writing to our family and friends, there isn't a lot to do in cells. Boredom leads to drugs and drugs lead to addiction. When I was in prison, I entered HMP a non drug addict. I was released a drug addict and stupidly bought Spice on the out because the drug took me to another world in prison. Luckily I have knocked it on the head and sorted myself out. It's wrong but I get why people turn to drugs in prison. Please I am not saying this is right because it isn't. Far from it but the prison's need to sort something productive out. 
As for prison reform? Where do you want me to start? I agree with the posts on your site about drugs and society as a whole. Unless the prisons get tough and I mean mighty tough, forget reform! It's a no win situation I am sorry to say.