Panorama, Spice and my Son

Hi to all. My son is in prison and he is a drug addict. Since being in prison he has been using spice and I honestly cannot bear to watch anymore of the Panorama programme tonight. It is breaking my heart seeing what this drug is doing to people and the staff struggling is just awful. 
I had hoped that prison would sort my boy out and that he could become clean and start afresh once he was released but I know the money I send him for canteen for chocolate and whatever he needs is probably traded in or swapped for drugs. I won't sleep tonight and this should not be happening. I really feel for the staff and I fear for my boy because no doubt he will be released from prison the same as he was - a drug addict - and as a parent of a drug addict, it is horrendous. No one knows how this affects families because let's face it, no one cares about prisoners families because according to Joe public, we are all cut from the same cloth which is unfair and insulting. God please sort this whole mess out! From a worried heartbroken Mum.