Prison officers in 31 jails set for pay rises of up to £5,000

Thousands of prison officers at jails in London and south-east England are to get pay rises of up to £5,000 to boost staffing levels.The increase means new starters could receive up to £29,500 a year.Ministers said they wanted to attract the "best talent", after concerns the prison service was understaffed.Jails have been hit by staff strikes and rising violence in recent months. A union welcomed the rise, but said ministers were "papering over cracks".The Prison Officers Association (POA) also said the increase was "divisive" as it didn't affect all staff.

Dear Prison Widow UK Blog. I'm not being offensive but my Dad is a prison officer and why is it that only London and the South-East of the UK are getting rises? He works in a challenging prison in the North and says this is the way the cookie always crumbles, it's always London prisons and surrounding areas that get everything even good press on events and schemes for prisoners!
There are plenty of prisons that do good work but no, it's always London and down south that get exposure. From Lauren.