Reducing reoffending don't make me laugh!

Hi, I'm not being funny or trying to rain on people's parade here, but supporting someone with a drug addiction and saying families can reduce reoffending is bull S! My ex had a brilliant home life, 2 fab kids, and still reoffended because he was a drug addict. Families can't reduce addiction, therefore they CANNOT reduce reoffending! Are some of these professional people for real? I take it they fully understand the mental damage and what substances such as heroin does to a person's brain? It alters the chemicals in a person's brain forever therefore the ONLY person who can reduce offending is the offender and the drug addict! Sorry but it makes me laugh how the Government pile on this crap that families play a major role in reducing reoffending. Maybe yes for people who aren't on drugs but don't you think that the programme HMP Northumberland proved something, because I sure do! Keep up the fab work Prison Widow UK blog because I am glad there's some truth being put out here! From Jeanette.