Reform prisons in to what exactly? - From Pete G

Hi, my name is Pete and my son is currently serving time in HMP. 
Drugs is the name of the game and before the righteous perfect parenting brigade jump on my back - yes my son had a fantastic upbringing. He found heroin 5 years ago, he is 29, so when he succumbed to heroin, he was no longer on the baby reins. 
I won't discuss nor go in to my background but I am in the know about substance misuse, although let me point out to you that I have never used drugs nor have I sold them.
We all know that prison's are awash with drugs and we all know that mobile phones are smuggled in. The recent news is that criminals have allegedly been paying £400 for tag staff to fit loose ankle monitors. We all also know that criminals operate from inside and of course on the out. Drugs is big money, so any professional that wishes to offer me their advise on how I can cure my son is wasting their time. It is all about money and it's good money. It comes at a price for some, but try telling an ex prisoner that working in a factory for just over £200 a week is far better than making £5,000 a week. 
My nephew is 24 and he works for a local firm making small fittings for cars. 
He doesn't earn great money and once he has paid his bills, council tax and debts, he has no money left to relax and enjoy life. So he sells drugs on the side which enables him to pay for activites and a few weekends away here and there.
His wage can't fund it so he tops it up elsewhere. It's wrong, it is all wrong, but how does the Government break this cycle? Those who have been accused of taking money to fit loose electronic tags? £400 if true, is not a bad back-hander is it and again we all know that prison officers have made a few quid as well with mobile phones. Any professional can stand up and no disrespect, waffle on about the hows and ifs, but there is something far more powerful than their degrees and that is money! People have become greedy, both law abiding citizens and criminals alike. People are, pardon my french, pissed off working and trying to live scraping by on pittance wages. It is all about the money and I ask this, how is this country going to reform our prisons? Quite frankly they aren't because society is done for. It is all about making a quick buck and let us get one thing straight here, the war on drugs never even started. My son is a heroin addict and his dealer was recently busted. He got a flimsy sentence and will be back selling again when he's out. He will pick up where he left off and he has had a good run. The system, the country is one big comical sitcom. 
Before reform in prisons can work, the root of the problem must be tackled first but good luck with that because you are up against two very, very, powerful things: 1. Money 2. Drugs. Yours Sincerely, Pete G.