Run a mile - from Angie

I was married 20 years and stood by my ex through thick and thin. One thing I never realised though was that for the majority of our marriage I was enabling him and allowing him to have his cake and eat it. I,m not talking about another woman by the way, I am talking about the real love of his life and her name is heroin. My ex was always ever so nice to me and it took me years to figure out why. It wasn't because he was truly madly deeply in love with me, it was because he was buttering me up for money to buy his gear. That dirty smack. There was never US in the marriage it was always THEM, he and his tenner bags. I would not recommend hooking up with a drug addict and thinking you are his or hers one true love because you won't be. The drugs will always be number one priority and you deserve ten times better than coming second best to heroin or any other drug for that matter. If your loved one is serious about quitting then great, but if he or she isn't, give them a wide berth, run a mile and save yourself from manipulation and heartache. Love to all from Angie.