Support is vital for recovery - From Janet

Hi. I don't mind my first name being published but please not my surname. Thanks in advance.
I have been in prison 3 times for shoplifting to sell goods to pay for my drug habit.
My so called boyfriend/partner at the time did not visit me in prison and he never stayed in touch. I didn't expect him to because who was I to think that he would spend money on fares to see me when he needed every penny for his drugs. It shows what I meant to him but I was as bad. I have met someone new and I have been off the drugs for 6 months. My new partner doesn't and has never used drugs. He has been my rock and kind genuine people can help to support people like myself who just went on self-destruct. I have a son who lives with my parents and I am working hard to be reunited with him. I know there will be tough days, weeks or months ahead, but I have someone who is supporting me 100% and I am putting in 100% back. I know as well that not everyone has family or spouse support and I just needed to say that with the right support and moving in to circles around people who have respect for themselves, anything is possible. I wish everyone all the best. Janet x