What is the point of prison? - From Channy

Hi blog readers. My partner is in prison as well and I'm not being funny but some of the activities prisoners are given are activities they do at home. My fella was always on his PS3 or XBOX at home and all he does in his cell is smoke and play game on his console which he is allowed to have. 
He's never said he has smoked drugs but it wouldn't surprise me if he has because I think the majority of the time prisoners are bored senseless or it looks that way to me. It was awful watching that Panorama programme and it just looked like a load of louts partying in what should be a place where they should be learning and doing constructive things. My fella stays on his XBOX most of the day and he could do that under curfew in his own house saving the tax payers hundreds of pounds.
He is doing nothing in prison so really what is the point?