A 'Release' Road to Nowhere by Gregg

I'll come down off my high horse and attempt to write my thoughts in a civilised manner. I have been in prison, still searching for job opportunities and still travelling on the same road that appears to be leading nowhere. 
Prisoners aren't ill-informed, far from it, and the bare fact of the matter is, the Government and Prison Service can introduce as much education as they like in jails but the end result is this; if college and uni graduates are struggling to find employment out here then how does the Government honestly expect ex cons to find work? My neice is working in a pound shop as a sales assistant and has a string of qualifications and does not have a criminal record. Don't let the powers that be fool you; prisons are here to make money; ask G4S and Sodexo! 
I have all my GCSE'S and was forced to reverse back to baby steps whilst I was serving my time and more to the point; unless I lie, my CV still has gaps because the gaps = prison time.
On a more positive note, I did enjoy some of the activities, but again, I have a criminal record so the gym jobs I have applied for came back to me with 'sorry on this occasion your application as been unsuccessful'. 
I went to jail because I was convicted of selling drugs. The competition inside was rife so my 'career' came to a halt when I began my sentence. It's a mugs game anyway, but a lucrative one if you want to make some quick readies. 
I'd had enough of ducking and diving so concentrated on how I could get myself out of the cycle of sneaking around, selling drugs and ruining lifes. I was in a positive mind set when I was in prison but as soon as I was released; I came down to earth with a bang! Let me tell you this; prison does not prepare you for release. If anything, they want you to wipe your feet on the 'welcome back' door mat. The UK prison figures are the highest in the EU; well of course they are, did you really expect to be astounded by that?