Dreading a phone call saying my son is dead

Dear Prison Widow UK. Gosh I don't know where to start but I guess from the beginning is a good idea. I am a mum of two sons, both in prison. Me and my daughter visit separately because they are in different prisons so we alternate the visits if that makes sense. I found out that one of my sons has been badgered in to smoking spice where my other son refuses to take it and can stand up for himself. I received a call last week from someone I don't know informing me that my son had been violently sick therefore could not phone me that evening. The person who phoned me was a girlfriend of an inmate who knows my son. I was thankful of that call because it is very highly unlikely that the prison would have alerted me. This is how families are treated! We don't get notified if our loved ones are ill or have been stuck in the middle of a riot, but it's OK for the prison to be swamped with drugs. Pathetic and annoying! Anyway, my son recovered but is still smoking it. He might end up dead the next time he gets high and that terrifies me. How is the Prison Service going to get on top of this mess? I understand that there is no quick fix but what is going on because it is now getting beyond a joke. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach every waking day thinking I am going to get a phone call saying my son is dead. From Hil.