Ex Offender and Wife start their own craft business

3D Birthday Wish Frames
Thanks to Prison Widow UK (Alison) for giving me and my husband a new focus and little business.
My hubby is an ex offender and together with some help and coaching from Alison Henderson, we now have our own little craft business making personalised occasion frames. Prison Widow UK featured a story about us titled, Paper can Reduce Reoffending and even our children join in and help.
We create a little more than frames but don't want to give too much away lol, but my hubby is a dab hand at crafts and looking at him you would not think so! We recycle a lot of things and always coming up with new exciting ideas. Our business comes from word of mouth and social media and we can now afford our very own website which is in under construction and we can't wait. In my opinion and my husband agrees with me, prisons aren't thinking outside the box at all. My hubby did do some art whilst inside but was taught art that unrealistically would not sell and could not be used to start up a little business. The simplest of ideas work and there should absolutely be more 'realistic' workshops in prisons that people can actually do something with on release from prison! We have been taught by Prison Widow UK (Alison) to make wedding bouquets and wedding invitations in origami along with a lot of other things to childrens personalised bedroom wall art and these are affordable to purchase by the way. Thanks again Alison and keep doing what you do best!
3D Mothers Day Frame 
We will feature the website once it is completed and wish Darren and Adele all the very best for the future!