Families and Prisoners are being duped

I'm an old skool con, lag, prisoner, inmate, whatever you want to call me. My past is my past so I'll leave it there for now. Editor please feel free to edit my email.
I have been in prison a lot then had an head wobble and sorted myself out. I relapsed and got myself a short prison stretch in January this year. The last biggish stretch I did was in 2009.
This January I spent a few weeks in my local cat B nick. Alright drugs have always been in jails but today's culture is a different ball game that has left me speechless. It's called Spice and I have seen nothing like it! Prisoners off their face, hallucinating, shaking, no dignity, having the pi8s taken out of them, you name it. It is bad with a great big capital double B! The gear is addictive by the way so some poor families/partners etc will have to deal with this mess when their loved ones get released. I am speechless!
There are families visiting their loved ones in prison, today, tomorrow and the day after that who have no idea and I take issue with all this bull about how maintaining family contact works. No it doesn't, it is all lies and allow me to explain... Drug addicts are focused on one thing and one thing only and that isn't their Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Partner, Wife or child; it is the drug they are addicted to and how they are gonna scheme for their next fix. How do I know? I know because I am a drug addict in recovery. All this family flowery pretty prison contact and how it reduces reoffending is patronising at its very best. Clutching at straws and promoting utter bull. Drug addicts want their fix and so family life for them is way down at the bottom of their priorities. If you listen to the so called professionals; you are guaranteed to have a breakdown trying to support a junkie who does not want to tackle their habit. I am on my soapbox here because I saw pansy leaflets in jail about family ties and how they work wonderfully and how they reduce crime and reoffending. Maybe for non druggies perhaps it does, but not for users actively tanning drugs. There was a lad on the wing I was on who had used Spice and was sat cowering on the floor saying a giant Panda was going to kill him. I called a screw over and demanded healthcare attention. I knew the kid, a local lad from my area with a lovely family who never miss a weekly visit to see him. The kid is now a Spice addict and his folks haven't a clue. When I got out, I wrote to some so called influencial figures who never emailed back, probably because I have a string of criminal convictions and what do I know? I'm just a non entity who knows jack s! But I'm not daft, I am far from it and I can see clear as day families are being duped and drug addicts being set up to fail miserably by the system. I am speechless! Good luck because blogs like this are needed. I am an avid follower. From Jon.