Families and Probation - by Leah

Dear Prison Widow. I have to respond to some of the latest posts on your blog especially to those who have loved ones addicted to drugs. 
I was with my partner for 12 years and he was battling an heroin addiction. It made me ill and eventually I let him go. I couldn't do it anymore. I stood by him through 2 x prison sentences and it never worked. Heroin had a bigger grip on him in the end. 
All this bull about families being able to deter their loved ones from re offending is more than a joke! Perhaps some families have indeed helped but try helping a drug addict who doesn't want to help them self. Heroin in particular has the upper hand. No one can reduce re offending when an addict needs that drug to function and I will stand face to face with anyone who wants a debate with me on it. By the way, where do the likes of probation officers come in to the equation? Isn't it their job to prevent re offending? One of their roles is to protect the public so if families hold the key to preventing re offending then quite simply the national probation service is failing miserably. Obviously especially if people think the families hold the magic dust!
Best wishes from Leah.