Families of drug addicts left in the dark - from Tex

I have a son in prison. He is a drug addict.
He is in and out of prison a lot. I would rather not go in to how many times and why.
He has a fantastic supportive family and I disagree wholly that families can help to reduce reoffending. The grip of heroin is far more powerful than anyone and anything. Like many families on your site have so rightfully said, families CANNOT cure a loved one under the cruel spell of opiates. I cannot emphasize enough to you that I realise now I was enabling my son for years thinking I was 'helping' him. I gave him money, I sent money to prison when he sounded desperate on the phone and he wanted for nothing off me and his Mother. We thought we were doing the right thing and we foolishly were just enabling him to use more drugs and maintain his habit.
Families who have a loved one addicted to drugs are lost in the dark and my wife and I can do no more.