Fighting a losing battle from Darren

Hi Prison Widow UK and bloggers. Thank God I have finally found a platform that speaks its mind! Great blog by the way! 
I'm an ex prisoner and I can say this much; you are fighting a losing battle as far as drugs are concerned. There's too much money involved, bent screws, dodgy families and prisoners alike that make a killing from supplying HMP. The Government, MOJ and The Prison Service do not have a clue what to do next. They have let it go too far and the consequences of taking drugs in prison is neither here or there. Blind eyes are turned because there aren't enough screws to manage the issues. Over the past few weeks, I have sent emails and suggested a few things, but got no reply or acknowledgement. No one wants to listen and being ignored proves only one thing to me, they couldn't care less. Drugs are a huge part of society and the Police are banging their heads against a brick wall. Drugs in prison is huge business and yes indeed the prisoners run the system. A prison guard once said to me, "You can't beat the system" and I replied, "Is that right? Well take a look at them lot over there off their heads on drugs"! Pardon my French but the prison system in the UK is f***ed! I consider myself to be reformed and work full time. I have settled down and decided that I don't want to be another number making money for the establishments. I don't want my family spending their money visiting prisons and parting with their cash buying food etc. I'm not feeding HMP anymore.
I come across quite a few Prison Reform sites but what I don't come across is how they intend to reform them? What is prison reform? How are prison's 'reforming'? No one appears to have any answers. Thanks and all the best from Darren.