Get real, we cannot be fooled

Greetings Prison Widow! By the way your blog was read in HMP Full Sutton by a few of the lads, it's good stuff so keep it pumping girl! 
I was interested reading the paper folding for prisoners and the article about the ex con and missus setting up a craft business. I'm gonna go on a slating mission now... Prison's do have some good manual workshops but they also need a head shake! Drama workshops? Great! But will they get me a job? How many ex cons do you know that are in Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Corrie and the rest of them? As a hobby great, but people want jobs when they get released from jail right? Well that's what's pumped in to us as part of our rehab! Music workshops? Paid jobs in bands, find me one! 
There's a lot of money wasting senseless things in prison and that's not being disrespectful by the way, it's about getting real! I wanna be taught something I can use on the out and some of the stuff introduced to us inside is a load of garbage and we cannot be fooled. Art is another, some prisoners have the God given talent of producing some major exhibition pieces but do any of them actually make a living from it? No! Creative writing? How many ex cons have become best selling fiction authors? Some might have a few non-fiction ones about their time in the nick, but that's about it and they haven't earned a living from them. It's all tricks and we cannot be fooled! Best to you, SWR.