He laughed in the Judges face

Hi, I don't want my name published please. I just feel like getting a few things off my chest. My brother was in court this week and got another custodial sentence. This is his 4th prison sentence and he is 24 years old. He was great as a kid, always had manners, was polite and would help anyone. He was popular at school and gained plenty of qualifications. He changed though and went down the wrong lane which led him to drugs. He started smoking cannabis then moved on to cocaine, heroin, spice, and prescription drugs. As a family we did everything to try and get him back but it was impossible. Before his court appearance, he said to me and Mum that he was looking forward to seeing the lads again in prison. When the Judge sentenced him, he laughed in his face and shouted, "and what"! He could not have cared less and showed no remorse whatsoever to the victims and to his own family. My Mum was heartbroken, inconsolable and ashamed. Court would absolutely petrify me yet my brother showed no fear. 
After the sentencing and when we returned home, we decided not to stay in touch with him for the duration of his prison sentence which is 18 months which will be 9. Something has to give and admittedly all we did during his previous 3 prison sentences was give him money and pander to his needs. If prison isn't a consequence of his actions then something has to be and that is the no contact rule. What more can we do? He enjoys prison so what the bloodyhell can we do? I know you can't give me answers to this but thank you for reading. Anonymous.