I told my victims the truth about prison by an ex con

The UK has the highest prison population in the EU. Hardly surprising is it! The system is an embarrassment and here is my story.
Drugs and junkie acquaintances were the only family I wanted because I was one of them. A raging hard core smack head in love with heroin. 
I'd do anything for a tenner bag and one day I broke in to someones home and robbed them. To cut the long story short, I met with my victims on a supervised visit and I apologised to them personally. They asked me if I had learnt anything by being in prison and I told them the truth. No, I didn't learn a thing. In fact I smoked drugs, got pissed and had a laugh. Imagine how they felt? But I aint gonna lie and sugar coat it because it was a complete waste of time and tax payers money. I took courses whilst in there but I wasn't thick, I have a string of qualifications. My problem was, I was a junkie, and I was sent to prison because I broke the law and 2 people's hearts when I burgled their home. I remember being in a class in prison run by some lecturer who didn't even know what colour heroin was! A nice gentleman don't get me wrong but clueless to the life a junkie leads on the outside. I met my victims after I spent some months in a rehab centre. I am still in touch with them as a matter of fact and drug free, yes, I am very remorseful. They were under the impression that prison would 'sort me out' rehabilitate me and cure me. I carried on getting off my face in prison smoking as much drugs as I could hands on and I look back now and think, Jesus Christ, the UK system is one embarrassing run shambles.
I am starting my own blog soon so I will send you the link when I am up and running. Regards to all, an ex-con.