It hit home

Hello Prison Widow Blog. My GF (girlfriend) printed out some of the blog stories when I was in prison and I gotta say that it hits home! I was released last week by the way.
I took spice in prison because I was bored and stupid. I didn't even think about how my family was feeling because I took them for granted in all honesty. I got the visits, cards, letters and money my family could ill afford and got off my napper (head) in jail without an ounce of thought for them because they would never find out anyway but it's not the point is it? They all thought I was doing OK and was facing my demons head on when all I was doing was embracing them by using drugs inside. Spice is nasty sh*t and unless the jails get on top it, there are gonna be more deaths and more heartache. The suppliers couldn't care less about the impact this drug has on its users and the families who are lied to and badgered for money. They just think about how much coin (money) they are making and to make a pretty packet in prison dealing drugs is disgraceful. I vomited sometimes when I used spice and the only way I can describe the drug is: Demonic. It is bad stuff and prisoners are getting well hooked on it. Benji.