My son is on his 9th prison sentence

Hi. This will be a bit of a rant but I need to say my bit. My son is in prison and he is using drugs in there. There is a lot of talk and articles online about prison reform but before people start putting the worlds to right, prison's need to get a strong grip on substances that are getting through their doors because I for one am petrified I am going to get a phone call from the prison saying my son is dead. By the way I will also point out that this is my sons 9th prison sentence so if I am asked if prison works, my answer is always a resounding no. I have read many posts on your site from parents with sons in prison and I know exactly how the parents are feeling because I feel the same. My son doesn't come from a drug riddled family and he doesn't come from a broken one either. A so called friend introduced him to heroin and he became addicted. I cried until there were no more tears left when I first found out because he had always been a responsible lad. 
How can the system reform when the war on drugs hasn't been won? I met a lady who's son is also in prison and we met in the visitors centre where we visit. We have become good friends and it helps that we both have each other to talk to. Her son is also a drug addict and he uses drugs in prison too. My friends son is not bothered about going to prison and says it's not all bad. My son told me he uses drugs to forget about prison so it is a no win situation and a poor excuse to use drugs. He says prison is boring, there is nothing to do and it's a laugh when he uses drugs because it helps him to cope! Well I am very sorry but you can introduce the best rehabilitation resourses but until drugs are removed from the equasion, prison beds will always have bottoms on them. My son goes to prison and he comes out exactly the same person as he was before he went in. What really is the point?
From a Mum of a serving prisoner.