No solution any time soon from Benny

I cringed reading Prison Widows post on benefit fraud but she does have a point. 
I've been in and out of prison for the most of my life but have stayed out of trouble now for 8 years and I am doing well. 
I used to sell drugs, went to jail for it, got released and sold drugs again. Prison wasn't enough for me and it didn't bother me or stop me committing crime. Sorry but it didn't. I made dirty money and it wasn't hard work. But 8 years ago I met a woman who changed my life and she is the very reason I have packed all that stupidity in. If she hadn't come in to my life then I have to be dead straight with you, I'd be either ripping the system off or I'd be back inside, so please don't diss the family tie thing because it has worked wonders for me. I used to claim benefits and sell drugs. Girls I knew on the gear and crack would sell themselves on the block and make a fortune but the money was purely to keep their habits ticking over. They were all benefit claimants and if they didn't need the dollar for drugs then they'd be raking it in.. but then I don't suppose they'd be on the block if they didn't use drugs. I'm not trying to justify it saying it's OK to earn cash on top of benefits because they're junkies because none of it is OK, I'm just basically giving my opinion. But looking at it from Prison Widow's point of view, I can't really argue with the issues she raised because the woman she offered support to didn't ask to be left in debt when her man went to jail and tried to make ends meet doing some cleaning on the side for cash. It's a mad one and I am stuck for words on that score. 
The kids round my way know me and know what I used to be. I never glorify that and I am always telling them that jail is a waste of their time but many of them have been in YOI's and they say it's no big deal. The UK need to start making it a big deal, not in a way of punishment or hard time but in a constructive way and as an ex con I dont have any answers to that because prison didn't bother me either. Drugs are a major major issue and let's face it, there isn't going to be a solution any time soon. Good blog and by the way a prison officer friend of mine pointed me to it and told me to give it a read. Cheers, Benny.