Passing the buck on to prisoners families

My brother is a repeat offender. He comes from a decent hard working family who has done everything in our power to support him. He has a drug problem and after a lot of soul searching and research, rehabilitation is not that simple and families are not getting enough support despite what everyone says about families holding the key to reducing reoffending. When drugs are involved, how do families help to reduce reoffending? Drug addicts more often than not hurt the very people (US) the families that stand by them. As I said, my brother has a drug problem and commits crime for money to spend on drugs. He is currently in prison where he can and is using drugs so where do the 'supportive' genious families come in to it? I am sick of hearing families can reduce reoffending and why is it rammed down our necks? Is it by any chance because agencies, probation, prison staff and the Government are failing and haven't a bloody clue what to do next therefore are passing the buck over to families who have the magical cure? It's a farce and everyone knows it to! From Sara.