Prison didn't deter me from selling drugs

Check out my story. Ex drug dealer, been convicted of it, 5 times and been to jail 3. 
I used gear (heroin) and the consequences of shooting up put me in hospital. I had a stroke. Nearly snuffed it. Prison didn't faze me. I aint beating around the bush, for me, doing bird was easy time and I didn't really get plus years. I got out and started dealing again. And again, and again. Heroin took it toll and I am not in the greatest of health. Be warned. It will eat you up in the end. Rehabilitation in some jails is a joke. I say 'some' because a few aren't too bad. One prison spends the majority of its time putting windows back in after drone invasions. I've a few pics, you can have them if you want. But back to my life. How do you rehabilitate a drug dealer? Why should I have worked in a factory for peanuts? What could I do with a couple of hundred quid a week? The MP's on 6 figure sums say its the right thing to do? My probation officer tells me it's the right thing to do? The 5/0 (Police) and the Judge throw the book at me because I was a prolific dealer? I served half my sentence and I WAS DEALING DRUGS ON TAG! (Home curfew) The lasses on the beat, the street gals, were on tag but still performed sex acts for money in their digs to score drugs. That is how backwards the justice system is. There aint no rehabilitation and there aint no deterrent. Prisons are like care homes right, if there is an empty bed or pad, the multi-million pound private nicks aint making a profit. So think about this right. I deal drugs, get nicked and business people are making cash out of me. I am making someone a profit because I broke the law.
Then I get told I shouldn't do it? WTF? I shouldn't laugh because it aint funny, but WTF?
There are people right now in Uni's getting degrees to make a living off the likes of me. And in the next breath they are telling me what I am doing is wrong. Yeah but without me you don't have a glittering career. Its all a game. 
The only reason I gave it all up is because I was an addict and the drugs landed me on my death bed. Probably not something you want to hear I know but unless you are getting a good stretch, there aint no deterrent. Occupational hazard, and places where you get locked up and smoke drugs and get pis*sed if someones got the Hooch cooking. Get this, my mum who is disabled has had some of her benefits cut. She's genuine not a benefits blagger. She is disabled. She has never ever ever broken the law, worked all her life up until retirement and had an accident which left her disabled. She even said herself that is it really any wonder why people commit crime and that is not a comment I expected to hear from her. People are losing faith, end of. From CEE.