Prison IS Punishment by LP

Hi to Prison Widow UK Blog. What a dazzling read by Karl! (post below)
I was in prison for 3.5 years and 3.5 years on licence. Before I went inside I was on a subutex script and intended coming off the gear. I was foolish, selfish and a total idiot. I got sent down and was padded up with a gear (heroin) head who actually smoked gear of a night in our cell. Anyone who is or has been on gear will know how ruthless the drug is to come off. It is not a quick fix and it is not a drug that you can kick without putting some damn hard work in to. Being banged up for most of the day depressed me and so I gave in didn't I. I started smoking the smack again and me and my pad mate were bang at it. Prison isn't a place to sort your head out. It isn't a rehab and if I hear the word rehabilitation being used in connection with prisons I kill myself laughing because it is far from it. It aint the Governor or prison officers fault, it is the top dudes above them that are the deluded ones. The saying is; prison is not a place for punishment, the punishment is being sent to prison and that is bull sh*t because it is pure punishment inside for a con who genuinely wants to sort his/her life out when half of the wing is zombied by people off their faces on legal highs and the rest of it. Flip the coin and think about it that way because when you are in low mood and trying to re-train your brain to kick a drug habit and get padded up someone who is still an addict who justs wants to smoke smack all the way through his sentence and only at arms length away from you, that IS punishment! Lovin your blog, keep it going Prison Widow UK and its a massive hat tip from me. Yours, LP.