Prisoners off their heads on chemical cocktail called ‘Prison Spice’

A source inside HMP Liverpool said: “There were so many Spiceheads panicking over where they were going to get their next hit. “They were so hooked they were like zombies and they would have done anything to get their hands on it. “So someone came up with the idea of making it themselves. A recipe was made – and with it a hell of a lot of money.” The main ingredients of“Prison Spice” are acetone – found in nail varnish remover – alcohol and a herbal plant base such as sage or oregano. The source said: “A powder is made which is the synthetic cannabis. Sometimes this has to be smuggled in as it’s a mix of loads of chemicals, but it’s very easy to conceal.“Then a solvent is produced using a blend of the nail varnish remover and alcohol. The powder is dissolved in the acetone then sprayed on to to the herbs and you’ve got your Spice.“It’s a very crude product and no one really knows what’s in it, but it has the desired effect for Spice Heads – giving them a high that takes them out of the game.”