Put my son in the army, not prison!

Hi to Sara. I read Sara's post about passing the buck on families and I absolutely agree with her 100 percent. I am not disputing that 'some' families can help to reduce reoffending but try being a parent of a son or daughter who is addicted to heroin. No one can help an heroin addict. The drug is too powerful for any parent to wrestle with and only the addict can make changes to their life's. My son is in prison at the moment and I have for the first time in 10 years laid out my boundaries. I will no longer enable my son by sending him money and if he asks for money when he phones, I hang up. I have had it all from him! Mum I am being bullied, Mum I owe money to a dealer, Mum can you post some money to such and such a body, Mum I am desperate and so on. The stories, the lies and manipulation, I have had it all full force. I used to believe many of his stories and even shocked myself believing them because they were so out there and completely unrealistic! Like so many other families who have lived this nightmare; my son has robbed off me, treated me like garbage and lied through his back teeth all for the love of heroin! I have had drug dealers threatening me because he owes money and I have paid the scum at my front door because the threats were vicious. Woe betide anymore of them knock on my door because I have had enough of this crap. I have never used drugs in my life and I cannot stress how ill this has made me. Three years ago my son overdosed and nearly died. He ended up in hospital and as soon as he was discharged, he was shooting up heroin in the hospital car park with another heroin addict friend. My daughter arrived there to pick him up and spotted him sat in a car with another drug addict along with the needles and whatever else they use to get high. He was caught red handed and I didn't speak to him for months which made me sick and I ended up on anxiety medication. In my heart of hearts I know fully well he will be released from prison in November and his first port of call will be who he can buy drugs off. I wish the judge would have given him 6 months in the army instead of prison! Finally I would like to say that the war on drugs is a lie. If anything the drugs culture has become much worse and more people are dying from their addictions. The day will come when I receive a call asking me to identify my son in the morgue. In the Governments eyes he is just another junkie; a number and a victim to a drug that should be wiped off this planet. Love to all of you from Lizzie x