Reducing Re offending with Paper - By Prison Widow UK

Many will have read my articles in Inside Time, but I'm not just a pretty face! As well as supporting indivuduals in the community, I run this blog in my spare time, for free, run a ladies group at a well known mental health charity and sell my art and crafts.

I have been invited to in some ladies prison's which I am very much looking forward to and excited about. I have also been working with an ex-offender teaching him how to make paper floral back drops. Yes, that's right, he is a he! You wouldn't think that an ex hardened criminal enjoys making paper flowers but - he passed his knowledge on to his partner and they are now both making a little craft business from it. I would say this is potentially reducing re offending. Families needn't have to introduce their skills, skills can be introduced to families from the inside quite easily.

The picture (above) is a small wall art display (made with a lady suffering from severe depression) made purely from paper. It cost 5p to make, if that!
I make back drops for wedding photo's, table centre-pieces, bouquets and floral hair garments all from paper. A £1.00 pack of craft paper can produce a large wall display and there would still be sheets of paper left.

There are plenty of social media sites, free to join and use, to sell your art, and handmade personalised items are extremely popular these days.
The ex prisoner I am supporting says even his children help out making wall art and promotes positive interaction and meaningful conversation.


For me, apart from family day visits, a lot of prison visits aren't constructive. Most of the conversations during a prison visit have already been spoken about on the phone or penned in letters.
I would like to see workshops introduced via visits. (that's if some prison's aren't already doing it)
I don't know any child/children that doesn't like making things!
We aren't talking about baby-ish activities; these are age-appropriate craft activities with the potential of making a small family unit business. Bring the outside world, IN, and give it a go! Prisoners are bored, families are bored and the kids are equally bored having yet another colouring book thrust in to their hands. The outlay is next to nothing!

Alison Henderson AKA Prison Widow UK