Stitching Prisoners up to Fail from Karl

Hi Prison Widow Blogger. My name is Karl and I am an ex prisoner. First and foremost let me say that spice is becoming ridiculous in prisons and anyone in their right frame of mind would stay off it and refuse it. Easier said than done in some cases though.
Secondly, I so get where the 'think outside the box' is coming from. When I was inside, I trained to become a gym instructor and passed all my courses. That's great isn't it but when I was released, and when I applied for jobs in this field, my DBS flagged up my convictions and no surprise, I am still unemployed. I don't blame the prison staff, I blame the white collar hooray Henry's who are making unrealistic decisions thinking they know what is best for prisoner rehabilitation - actually there is no prisoner rehabilitation, so you see my point? I was banged up with a junkie and all he wanted to do was score drugs on association. He had no ambition, no thought for his family and no self esteem whatsoever. In fact and no disrespect to the guy, he actually made me depressed and I became withdrawn with little motivation. It was only when I moved to a semi-half decent prison that I progressed. Prison is same as it is on the out, if you are surrounded by negative people, the feeling impacts on you too, but on the out you have the chance to break free from that. On the inside you don't and it isn't great watching morons getting off their tits on spice, making no sense and talking about setting up a spice empire when they get out. It is all negative. There is no upside to it and please don't patronize us by saying, 'oh just ignore them' because when you are banged up with one, how does that work exactly?
I don't take drugs but it would be all the same if I was a drug user wanting to get clean then I end up in a cell with a raging junkie who's priority is getting high every day. Sorry UK Government, you know exactly what you are doing and that is from the word go in prison, you are stitching people up to fail. Peace and love, Karl.