Support for families once a loved one is released from prison? Enquiries from a volunteer

Before last year, I had never set foot inside a prison and didn't really expect to. I've been volunteering and working with a charity and have met some amazing families doing this. You can see the family time is limited though, for those who can make visits when their loved ones are moved from county to country. I'd love to be involved with offering some post-release family support but wonder how this would work for the best? I'm thinking something like an after school club for some fun and games to make up for some of that lost time but also to set up for a brighter future being home. Because as much as I love working with the families and it's nice to see children again, it's horrible when you see them back inside. Part of this wondering has been trying to find out what is already taken place - has anyone received or heard of any support for families once released? I recognise this means you'd have to tell people a member of the family has been in prison, and there's some agencies *ahem* you probably don't want or get extended contact with but would you have liked some family support to re-adjust or is it a case of forget about it and leave us alone? Thank you.