Teaching Prisoners The Art of Folding

By J Rhodes Prison Widow UK 
There are advantages with this hobby.

1) It's extremely cheap
2) Relaxes the mind
3) Proven to reduce anxiety
4) Helps with recovery
5) You can sell your creations

We've been teaching book art every Wednesday at a very popular ladies group we run at a mental health charity.
It has been proven, along with positive testimonials from clients that this particular type of hobby has reduced anxiety. One lady sells her book art and makes them for family members as treasured gifts.
This month we are invited to a few prisons in the UK and in the EU to demonstrate to prisoners how it's done.
It doesn't stop there either; we have more safe paper craft to demonstrate too and every item made can be sold online promoting self employment.

We work with people in recovery from alcohol and substance misuse who have found that this cheap hobby takes their minds off the constant battle ahead of them. It is fantastic to be told that the art of folding helps them in recovery. In a way, it is a distraction and it works.
A lady who attends our group has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and the repetitive folding she says helps her to maintain good motor skills and makes her feel less agitated. Old books can be purchased from charity shops at 5 for a pound so the hobby is absolutely affordable. Some of our ladies just ask neighbours for old books prompting them not to throw any away!

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