Think of yourself, not the addict

Hi PW UK. I would like to share my story in the hope it helps someone.
Six months ago I broke off my relationship with a man addicted to heroin. I'd stood by him through 3 prison sentences and every time he was sent to prison he promised me it'd be his last. It never was and something had to give. I'd had enough of his lies, manipulation and poor choices. His lifestyle choices was having a negative effect on my own so I waved goodbye and to be blunt I have never looked back. I feel relieved, stress free and taking care of ME! 
Families supporting offenders with addictions in my opinion can only go so far and supporting prisoners with a drug problem is extremely difficult therefore I do not agree that in my case maintaining bonds with a partner in prison was productive. Three times standing by my man was more than enough and he reverted back to drugs every single time he was released from prison. My own health was suffering and being an upstanding member of the community, really it wasn't down to me to help reduce reoffending, that was down to him and he wasn't ready so therefore my efforts finished. I feel great and thank God the drug drama is now a thing of the past. Love and wishes, Samantha.