Your blog and its stories are read by prisoners

I was released from prison on Friday and today I will be hunting for a job.
My partner sent me print outs of your blog and I loved reading it by the way. With the greatest of respect to the prison newspapers we were issued; I didn't want to read about prison politics; I wanted some inspirational reads which the jail papers were short of. I focused on a path I had to take upon release so I was not interested in prison figures, politics and which jails were and had been kicking off. It was of no use to me at all. Your blog hit home for a number of reasons. I read lots about how imprisonment effects families, how drug addiction has a huge emotional impact on families and children and how some ex offenders have made it on the out. Please believe me, your blog wins hands down and it is being read indirectly in prison because families send print outs to their loved ones inside so thank you. I just wanted you to know that some of the stories featured on your blog was the kick up the ass I needed. Good luck and please keep moving forward. Best wishes from Scott.