Activity distraction packs for prisoners

My daughter is always writing to me saying she's bored. She's been in prison (closed) for 4 months. She is in her cell for a good number of hours a day with nothing to do and she sounds depressed. I was wondering if you could send some paper templates for me to send on to her to at least keep her mind stimulated.

I will indeed post one to you. This is the sort of thing prison's need to get a major grip with. Boredom can lead to depression for sure and to combat boredom in a safe way for prisoners is so easy. My opinion is that every prison should have a team of activity coordinators, not prison officers given the role of head of activities etc, people with safe yet age appropriate activity ideas should be employed on a seperate basis. But that's just my opinion. I am now working on activity/distration packs that will absolutely work and being an activity facilitator for a large charity, I know for a fact the packs will work. It frustrates me that safe activities are so simple to create, yet prisoners are still bored and low in mood. 
P.S don't forget you heard it here first!