And how can prisons be reformed? From ex prisoner DS

Prisoners stashed 350 litres of homemade alcohol over Christmas as well as drugs worth £40,000 at a Lancashire jail, a report revealed.HMP Garth in Leyland was described as "very unsafe" in an inspection by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons.Prison inspectors found "violence and drugs" dominated life at the jail with a rise in attacks on inmates and staff.However, they also found "progress" had been made in some areas such as mental health provision and education.

Right, so Michael Spurr, what progress has exactly been made in the education area and is the education delivered of some significance when people are released from prison? I was forced in to education inside which never took me any further upon release. It was my mindset I needed to address, not pen pushing learning about irrelevant subjects that would not benefit me on any application form. If I could speak and get it in to the thick skulls, no offence but come on, to the Government that changing mindsets is far more important than irrelevant topics studied in prison would they listen?
I am an ex drug dealer OK. I earned a lot of money right. Why would any youth of today work in a factory for minimum wages? Secondly could they hack working in a factory when quite frankly they have ruled the roost in jail? A typical example of mindset was the post about an ex offender being fired in his/her job because the discipline in prison was not good enough and as an ex con I can tell you all right now that prisons, for a lot of people are buildings where more crime is committed and money is still being earned on the out from the in. I'm not gloating and I am not proud of what I did to make money but at the time it was easy money and a prison sentence that didn't bother me because I was banged up and padded up with like-minded people who treated prison like a doss house too.
I'll give you an example how great education works. A kid on the wing had that many diplomas he could have achieved anything he wanted on release. The problem was he was a junkie inside and bullied in to buying drugs. He got released and was back within 3 months and after he'd done his rattle inside, he started using drugs in prison again. You can try and reform prisons any which way you like but until you get rid of the drugs, forget it, you are wasting your time. From DS