And the winners are.... down south!

Thousands were promised it but only 5% are getting it. Prison's are becoming the new NHS were both are scratching for staff because no one wants to work in them. My Mrs works in the local hospital and the rags always seem to pick up on the disasters. My Mrs works 12-14 hour shifts and she is lucky to get a 20 minute break during her day because they are scraping by on minimal staffing levels. Anyhow back to the great British nicks. Why have only the southern jails got the 5% pay allowance? What a joke but then the system is a laugh all round. I'm an ex prisoner and although yeah visitors smuggle drugs inside, I will tell you now, so do bent screws. I am anti drugs by the way and I am sorry if this offends but when the Government are shafting their employees over by handpicking who gets a pay rise, then can you blame anyone being corrupt? I don't care much for prison officers but they are up against it at work. There's no way I'd let my Mrs work in one put it that way.