Boredom equals depression, equals suicide from Tim (ex con)

Dear PWUK. I am an ex-con and I totally get the boredom thing in prison. Boredom sure does lead to depression and depression can develop in to things more serious like very unhealthy thoughts. I went through that myself and if prisons think rehabilitation is sat spaced out on your bed all day with f*** all to do, which half of the time you do in prison, well shame on them. No wonder the suicide rate is up in prisons and as for the privatised nicks, they operate on profit so they needs criminals in their jails! Hope is something every prisoner wants and they don't get it. Riots, drugs, violence, well what do they expect really? Caging people up with nothing to do equals disaster and a massive head knock on your mental health! You can go stir crazy hence why prisoners take drugs to forget the crap around them. Tim. :)