Drugs in prison swept under the carpet

Dear PWUK, I had to laugh at the NOMS post from a serving prisoner because they got it spot on! (post below) 
Personally for me and an ex drug user in recovery myself, the prison's, NOMS, the MOJ and the GOV are all sweeping drug use and drug addiction issues under the carpet.
I did exactly the same thing as the dude who wrote in and completed my education and courses inside to get my butt to CAT D. I was in it all for myself and I was still thinking about my drug score whilst sat in education so no I didn't learn a thing. I completed the courses for my own benefit lets say. NOMS have me in stitches because seriously whoever sits there and devises these insane 'rehabilitation' schemes are as deluded as David Icke! They can come up with the best ideas all they like but when all said and done, if you are a drug addict still actively using drugs in jail and have no intentions of giving up the gear, then forget it because a drug addict is only interested in one thing and thats drugs. I'm 52 years old and have retired from prison but the young kids round my way could not care less if a judge sent them to prison. Even the activity days with probation are dated according to some of the lads who then inevitably breach their stints and end up in jail anyway. All I can say is all the best to those are fighting for prison reform because they are up against an organisation who don't listen and who don't wanna know. Good wishes to you, Alan.