Families do not reduce re-offending from an ex offender

Prisoners are released back in to a broken society therefore where is the upside?
I did alright in prison. My family were criminals and in our household all that took place was criminal activity. Prison did me good; it separated me from the issues that got me busted in the first place. Maintaining family ties was the worst thing anyone could propose to me because I wanted out of the depressing criminal minded environment I once called a home. 
If you think carefully about what you hear and what proposals are brainwashed in to you; you will come to the conclusion that you are simply just being set up to fail. Why would I, if I wished to change my ways and turn around my life, stay in contact with a family who after visiting me in prison, goes home, scores drugs, engages in illegal activities in order to purchase their fixes and in general slouches around claiming benefits? Think about it. 
On my last sentence I was declared homeless and after my family blagged probation and presented a somewhat normal household during a home visit, I was released back to them and as part of the licence deal, had to reside there.
I was out 5 weeks and breached my licence. I was glad to be back inside again because my Dad was always out grafting and my Mum was always stoned after a hard day shoplifting. But the Government insist that maintaining family ties in prison works and reduces re-offending. Perhaps for some yes, but for many it is absolute boll*cks and they know it. Many offenders already reside with respectable families, those that work hard, don't law break, are upstanding members of their communities and still their loved ones re-offend! Who are the Government trying to kid here? Then you get the professionals who speak at big events plugging 'the families reduce re-offending' bull crap like the world is showering petals. The best thing for me is to avoid my family setting at all costs. Think about it. The very best to you and your site for family and offenders is the best by far. From Scotty. :)