His number 1 priority in prison is drugs

Dear Prisoners Families Voices
My daughters dad is in and out of prison and you would think that she would be enough for him to stop his craziness, but she isn't. His number 1 love is his drugs. Everyone and everything comes in second place to his D.O.C. (drug of choice) 
The older our daughter is getting, the more upset she is becoming because:
1. He is never at home
2. He chooses drugs before her
3. She is bored prison visiting
4. She is sometimes bullied at school
5. She feels isolated 
6. She is ashamed of her dad
7. She wants a dad who is responsible
8. He embarrasses her
9. She needs stability
10. She needs a dad

I have decided that there will be no more prison visiting and that is because the last time we visited he was under the influence of something; and spending money that I work hard for to pay for a 2 and a half hour journey to see him with his daughter; and he is still off his head on something; is a total lack of respect. All this family bonding stuff with loved ones in prison is all good and well but it works both ways and his visits have now been stopped, by me, because maintaining ties quite clearly isn't working. I'm not wasting my time and our daughters time when he isn't putting in the effort and it disgusts me he is able to access drugs in prison. Please don't print my name. Thanks.